对研究生助教奖学金感兴趣? Assistantships are on-campus work opportunities to provide selected graduate students with a full tuition scholarship and a living stipend each semester of employment. Graduate Assistants generally work 20 hours per week in addition to a full-time academic schedule of at least 9 semester hours.


联系 the specific graduate program area for information about the Graduate Assistantships in their departments. They can provide you with the most current GA position descriptions and application materials.

教育硕士(M.Ed.), contact: Jodi Dunham, (740) 351-3101, or

For the Master of Science in Mathematics, (MSM), contact Doug Darbro (740) 351-3441, or

For the 职业治疗硕士 (MOT), contact Barbara Warnock, (740) 351-3116, or

For the 工商管理硕士学位 (MBA), contact Jim Reneau (740) 351-3556, or
申请写作硕士学位 & 修辞, contact Jennifer Scott (740) 351-3149, or