延期 are periods when payment on the principal of a 工作人员ord Loan is postponed. 一旦开始还款, borrowers are entitled to a deferment if they meet the regulatory requirements. 借款人必须口头要求延期, 或者填写贷款人或服务机构提供的表格, and must provide documentation to the lender in support of the request. Borrowers should continue making payments on the loan until notification of the deferment is received. A borrower's eligibility for a deferment depends on when the loan was made, 以及个人延期的要求. Eligibility for a deferment does not mean you are required to take it. You may choose to continue making payments on your student loan.

PLUS贷款和无补贴的斯塔福德贷款, 本金可以延期支付, but the interest will continue to accrue while the loan is deferred, and will be capitalized at the end of the deferment period. The borrower may choose to pay only interest while the loan is deferred. Borrowers may defer repayment while the student is enrolled at least half-time.

10月有效. 1, 2007, 联邦家庭教育贷款, 直接贷款, or Perkins Loan borrower who is a member of the national Guard or other reserve component of the U.S. Armed forces (current or retired) and is called or ordered to active duty while enrolled at least half-time at an eligible school, or within six months of having been enrolled at least half-time, is eligible for a deferment during the 13 months following the conclusion of the active duty service, or until the borrower returns to enrolled student status on at least a half- time basis, 以较早的为准.

联邦家庭教育贷款, 直接贷款, or Federal Perkins Loan borrower may qualify for an economic hardship deferment 最多三年 if the borrower is experiencing hardship according to federal regulations.


肖尼 State University participates in the National Student Clearinghouse located in Herndon, 维吉尼亚州. Several times a semester (10 days before the term begins, 在添加/删除周期之后, 在学期中期和期末考试之后), the University submits a report of students’ enrollment status to the Clearinghouse which, 反过来, 向贷款机构提供入学证明. All deferment loan forms are forwarded to the Clearinghouse. 肖尼 State does not supply this information directly to lending agencies.

If a student has registered late or has had an exception processed to the term registration, this information will be reported in one of the subsequent submissions during the term. The Clearinghouse asks that if a student receives a collections letter from a servicer, 学生要做的是:

  1. Call the lending agency to see if a deferment form was received between the time the Clearinghouse supplied the information and the lending agency sent the collection letter. 贷款机构电话(PDF)
  2. If, 在打电话给服务人员之后, it still appears that the deferment has not been processed, the student may call the Clearinghouse at (703) 742-4200 and ask for a Client Service Representative or use their 网站. The representative will verify the date on which the deferment form was received by the Clearinghouse, 延期证明和邮寄的日期, 已认证的注册状态, 表格送到哪里去了.
  3. 如果有紧急情况-例如, the student is 150 days delinquent and being threatened with default – the Clearinghouse will intervene on the student's behalf by faxing another enrollment certification to the servicer. 进一步, it will work with the servicer to ensure that the form is processed on a high-priority basis.

特别行动组开始使用信息交换所, 一九九六年秋季季, any deferment information requested for quarters prior to Fall 1996 will be processed by the 注册商's Office. SSU的学期转换开始于2007年秋季.

If you have further questions, 请打电话给 Kim in the 注册商's Office at (740) 351-4reg (4734).


愿意偿还但无力偿还的借款人, 而且他不符合延期的条件, 可以向贷款人请求延期吗. Forbearance allows payments to stop temporarily or decrease in size for a specific length of time. The lender may grant forbearance of principal, interest or both. The borrower is always responsible for repayment of accrued (accumulated) interest charges. 借款人可以只支付利息, or the interest will be capitalized (added on to the principal).

与推迟不同,忍耐不是一种权利. It is something the lender may choose to do for the borrower if the borrower is sincere in meeting his/her loan obligation and if the borrower's circumstances indicate a forbearance would be helpful. Your lender can grant forbearance for periods up to 12 months at a time, 最多三年. The lender must send you a notice confirming the terms that were agreed to and record them in your file.


有关延期和豁免的更多信息, 请打电话给, 到我们办公室来, 或发邮件给注册主任办公室.

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