没有熊需要独自经历这一切. Many people have had thoughts about suicide at some point in their lives. 事实上, 1 in 10 college students report having thought about suicide in the last year. 对大多数人来说, these thoughts do not lead to actions but they can be very serious and represent a real danger. If you are having thoughts of suicide, please reach out now. 


  • If you are at immediate risk of harming yourself or someone else, 拨打911或去最近的急诊室
  • You can contact Campus 咨询服务 between 8 am-5 pm at (740) 351-3608, 或到我们位于第四街1001号的办公室来, 孵卵的大厅, 申请紧急预约.
  • You can call the National 预防自杀 Hotline at 614-221-5445 or 1-800-273-TALK, which provides free and anonymous assistance 24 hours a day, 一周7天.
  • 学生 who live on campus or reside in the Portsmouth area can call the 危机热线 at (740) 354-1010 or Toll Free 855-381-1010 to be connected to 24-hour crisis hotline.
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Talking about suicide is one of the best ways to prevent suicide.  You can follow these tips on how to have a conversation with the person you are concerned about. One common myth about suicide is that talking about it will somehow put the idea in their head or cause them to act on it; however, letting someone know they are cared for and that they can get help can literally save their life.   


A suicide survivor is someone who has lost a friend, family member, or loved one to suicide.

Surviving the loss of a loved one to suicide can’t be summed up in a word or two. Survivors struggle with shock, guilt, grief, anger, unanswered questions and so much more. 因为自杀是一种耻辱, survivors may be reluctant to seek help because of shame, 尴尬和害怕责备.

The grief work that follows therefore can be complex and long-term. Continuous support from family and friends is a crucial step to healing. 有关更多信息,请参见 American Association of Suicidology Fact Sheet on survivors of suicide.

自杀的幸存者 资源

The web is full of resources – some good, some bad – for grieving family and friends. The following are some reputable organizations and support groups that may be helpful to grieving survivors:

  •  Support Group for Families of Suicide Victims – Provides support and resources to those who have lost someone to suicide. Alongside suicide prevention awareness and education, the network also aims to take away the stigma associated with suicide. Valuable contacts and support group resources also are available.

预防自杀 资源