这个学位是由博士. 安德鲁·费特,历史学教授.

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“选择SSU的好处是班级规模小. Some of my friends at bigger schools would ask me, 'What do you mean you talk to your professors?“助教们有一半时间是在上课. 我和我的一些教授成了朋友. 这种情况在更大的大学里是不可能发生的.” — 乔什·蒂特斯,历史学毕业生



Many history majors join the ranks of the nation’s educators, 无论是在大学还是大学预科阶段.  These historians have answered the call to teach about the past, 传递他们所学到的知识, while, 同时, 继续他们自己对过去的研究.

Career paths in the teaching of history vary according to which level of 教育 one chooses to teach, 从初等和中等教育到高等教育. Pre-collegiate teaching is also separated between the 教育 offered in private schools and public school systems that are supported and regulated by a system of state laws and statewide 教育al goals.  Public school teaching requires the acquisition and maintenance of state teaching licenses, while such requirements are not required by all private academies.

Those history majors who wish to pursue a career as a college professor continue their 教育 at the graduate level, where they specialize in their chosen fields and produce their own significant research, 当助教的学徒.  Although a Masters of Arts in history can qualify one for a teaching position at a two-year community college, a Ph.D. is considered essential to finding employment at the four-year college or university level.


学生 of history may find employment in a wide variety of writing and publishing related fields. Many history majors have gone onto careers in 新闻, 他们在哪里运用他们的研究和写作技巧, while others choose career paths in the publishing industry, 编辑工作. From university presses that publish scholarly monographs to textbook and trade houses, 杂志, 期刊, 以及其他在线出版物, 以及在专业协会的办公室, museums, 以及政府机构, historians are putting their writing and editing skills to work.


Historic preservation is another rewarding career field for history majors.  Once focused primarily on saving the homes of prominent Americans, 现在建筑公司里也有保护主义者, 城市规划办公室, 经济发展机构, 历史公园, 建筑公司, 以及他们自己的专业咨询公司. 的保护主义者, 无论他或她在哪里工作, appreciates the built environment and is committed to saving these valuable resources for future generations.

The goal of historic preservation at any level is the identification, 评价, 物理保护, and interpretation of historically and culturally significant sites. Historic preservationists play a key role in interpreting historic structures for the public through museum exhibit design, 小册子出版, 口述历史, 以及纪录片制作. The field as it has developed has drawn from a wide scope of professional skills and knowledge. 受过适当训练的历史学家, however, is able to contribute to any of these elements of preservation.  学生 interested in a career in historic preservation may improve their career advancement through further specialized graduate studies in their field of choice.

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