Welcome to the home of the 肖尼 State University purchasing card (PCard) program. The program uses a Visa credit card that the University provides to its employees to more efficiently and effectively make small dollar, 资本购买. It represents a significant enhancement over a more traditional purchasing process.

It is important to note that the PCard is not designed to replace the current purchasing process. 而不是, it is simply another purchasing tool—designed to provide cardholders with an easier and faster method to purchase goods and services under $1,每刷1万, 每天10笔交易, 和10美元,000 /月. It can be used to make purchases in person; by phone, fax, or mail; and over the internet.

The PCard program is the responsibility of 采购服务, which is a part of the Division of 金融 and 政府.

Our site is full of important and helpful details about the PCard program. It was designed to assist cardholders and PaymentNet reviewers with card usage and maintenance.